COORDINATION: Lucia Balduzzi, Arianna Lazzari The working group focuses on the analysis of the relationship between the political and implementation dimensions of the transformative processes that invest the world of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services, in a perspective that interprets educational systems as a cultural construction and historically marked by specific ideas of education and care. In particular, the analysis focuses on: - critical analysis of the policies that, on a national and European level, orient and regulate educational contexts for children; - support, in terms of advocacy, of the processes of change that aim to harmonize and support policies for children at national and international level; - collaboration with professionals in the educational sector, also through action-research project, in order to support the quality of educational and school services in a perspective of social inclusion; - professionalization of educational and teaching staff through training-research (ricerca-form-azione) aimed at supporting reflexive processes and re-conceptualization of practices acted in services and schools in the light of recent regulatory changes with a particular focus on issues of accessibility and qualification of the educational offer. At the center of our research in the field of childhood policies there are the following themes: - Critical analysis of the processes that support and guide the decisions of policy-makers in the field of early childhood education and care (ECEC) at national and European level. - Pedagogical and didactic innovation processes oriented to the accessibility of the 0-6 system in a social inclusion perspective. - Processes of pedagogical and didactic innovation oriented to support educational continuity. - Analysis of the professional profiles of educators and teachers of the educational system 0-6 and of the models of coordination and pedagogical leadership. - Analysis of the institutional actions taken at national and European level to support the ECEC system in relation to the pandemic crisis linked to the spread of COVID-19 and their repercussions on the pedagogical and praxeological level.