Call for Papers - Conference on Artificial Intelligence and ICT, the Digital Revolution and European Democracy

Europe in the Face of the Digital Challenge

Pubblicato: 08 febbraio 2022

Call for Abstracts/Draft articles

The Call on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the Digital Revolution and European Democracy is inviting the submission of abstracts/draft articles in two main themes that broadly concern: 

  • Digital Technology in the History of European Integration, with a historical-political approach aimed at reconstructing the context, modalities and objectives whereby the EEC/EU began to address these topics over the last decades of the 20th century, as well as the developments of European policies in the current phase;
  • European Democracy and Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Risks, which will focus on the issues raised by the “political” use of AI and ICT, towards which theoretical-political research should be directed, in the light of inclusion/exclusion, equality/inequality and freedom/oppression. 

N.B.: The two themes above indicate thematic areas and should not impede the submission of draft articles and abstracts that are in line with the Background and Rationale and with the Call for Articles indicated above.

Selected papers will be presented during the International Conference (October 2022); papers have to be sent for double peer-review a month after the Conference (November 2022) and they will be collected and published as above mentioned.

N.B. :  Please remember that papers have to be sent in English or Italian; abstracts have to be sent in English and in the paper language.

Abstract Length, specs and deadlines

  • 28/02/2022: submission of abstracts (max 600 words, containing the main research question(s) addressed, the methodology used in the study and an indication of the main findings of the research), or draft articles, should be sent via e-mail to:  (subject “Call AI and ICT, the DR and EurDem”)
  • 04/04/2022: notification of acceptance of abstracts communicated to authors
  • 27-28/10/2022: Conference
  • 28/11/2022: submission of papers for review (5,000–7,000 words)
  • January 2023: papers reviewed to the authors
  • Summer 2023: publication


The participation to the Conference is free of charge