The research topics developed within the CIRI Aerospace are classified into Operating Units (OU). The mission of CIRI Aerospace is to promote the development of knowledge, expertise and research services for companies and research entities operating in the sectors of aeronautics, space, energy systems, advanced materials and mechanical systems, sensors technologies, nautical and ground transportation. The activities are organized in research projects that can be funded by companies or by supported research programs, preferably in collaboration with companies.

Operating Unit 1: Aeronautics, Aerodynamics and Propulsion

Scientific Coordinator Prof. Enrico Troiani.

The objectives of this Operating Unit are:

  • Development of new materials, technological processes and manufacturing techniques for the aeronautical industry and high technology enterprises;
  • Modelling and development of innovative components and systems for the aeronautics industry;
  • Experimental and numerical study of the aerodynamic characteristics of industrial devices and propulsion systems;
  • Experimental and numerical study of the characteristics of turbulent streams;
  • Development of new ground, aeronautical and space propulsion systems and components;
  • New design and prototyping paradigms, for the aeronautics and high-tech industry.

Operating Unit 2: Space Science and Technology

Scientific Coordinator Prof. Mara Mirasoli.

The objectives of this Operating Unit include:

  • Space exploration science, technologies, techniques and systems;
  • Planetary exploration missions design, implementation and data analysis;
  • Microsatellite and space microsystems design, implementation and In-Orbit- Validation (IOV);
  • Space experiments design and implementation, with a focus on experiments on the International Space Station (ISS);
  • Ground control centers for in-orbit control of space mission, radio tracking from ground and precise orbit determination;
  • Development of advanced numerical techniques to analyse large amount of data (Big Data) from past, current and future space missions.