Administrative manager

For administrative and accounting obligations, the Center makes use of the General Administration of the University of Bologna, which appoints an Administrative Manager for CIRI.

Laura Morigi


Administrative services

Purchase requests, passive contracts, purchase orders for goods/services

  • Aiuola Chiara (orders) tel. 051-20.88478
  • Campanelli Valeria (orders) tel. 051-20.99770
  • Macauda Alessandra (orders) tel. 051-20.88671
  • Nicoletti Maria (orders) tel. 051-20.88478
  • Pascucci Monica  (orders) tel. 051-20.99770
  • Saccà Gaetano (billing) tel. 051-20.98606


Management of calls for research grants and external collaborations, management of missions, travel and remuneration procedures

  • Bucci Giuliana (research grants management) tel. 051-20.88468
  • Curcio Giuseppe (calls and contracts for research grants) tel. 051-20.88675
  • Passerini Morena (management of missions and business trips) tel. 051-20.88665
  • Tombelli Laura (coordination) tel. 051.20.99769
  • Villa Antonella (management of external collaborations) tel. 051.20.98856


Commercial activities (rates and active contracts), management of research projects

  • Boselli Marco (research projects) tel. 051-20.88684
  • Passerini Morena (rates) tel. 051-20.88665
  • Stranieri Chiara (third parties) tel. 051-20.88682


Ufficio Bilanci

  • Laura Tombelli (Coordinamento) tel. 051.20.99769