Telecommunication Systems

The area covers a broad spectrum of systems and techniques for space, satellite, non-terrestrial, and terrestrial wireless communication systems, covering the physical, medium access control, and network layers.


Non-Terrestrial Communication Systems

Design and analysis of communications systems entailing non-terrestrial nodes (satellites, haps, and UAVs); design of the radio access network architecture, including interference management and dynamic spectrum allocation; interoperability, integration, and unification with the terrestrial network counterparts.

Wireless Communications Systems for Terrestrial and Space Applications

Terrestrial and space wireless digital transmission systems design and analysis, concerning channel coding techniques, modulation, and synchronization issues; broadband, broadcast, and narrowband (IoT) applications in integrated non-terrestrial and terrestrial networks; massive multiple access for B5G and 6G systems; B5G and 6G architectures.

Short-Range Radio Localization Systems

Techniques for centimeter-level radio localization of active tags in indoor and outdoor environments; statistical signal processing algorithms for radar detection and tracking of passive multiple targets in indoor and outdoor environments; signal processing for joint radar and communications applications.
Sistemi embedded (Embedded systems)
Embedded systems (digital signal processors, software-defined radios) programming and firmware development for digital communication system applications.


  • Physical layer (coding, modulation, synchronization) design and analysis
  • NTN architecture design and evaluation
  • Beamforming and precoding for NTN
  • Design and analysis of massive multiple access protocols
  • Design and analysis of interference management techniques
  • Link budget evaluation (static and dynamic) for NTN
  • Support for standardization (ETSI and 3GPP) e as well as direct participation
  • Embedded systems for telecommunications programming
  • Design and analysis of centimeter-level localization indoor/outdoor systems
  • Design of statistical signal processing and sensor fusion algorithms for radar


prof. Enrico Paolini

Scientific responsible of the Telecommunications Systems operative unit

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