Aeronautical Design

Guidance, Navigation and Control; Human Machine Interfaces; Propulsion; Time compression

The activities are focused on the development of advanced design techniques, such as multidisciplinary optimization and Time Compression, and their application in the fields of guidance, control and navigation, propulsion and human-machine interface.


Conceptual design in aeronautics

Application of traditional conceptual design methodologies and development of advanced Multidisciplinary Optimization techniques for remotely piloted and autonomous aircraft.

Electric drives and power electronics for aeronautical applications

Development and control of electronic power converters and electric drives; modeling and development of electric propulsion systems for aerospace applications.

"Design for X" and time compression technologies

Development of Time Compression techniques (Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Reality, Process Simulation) for applications in the aerospace field.

Human Machine Interfaces

Analysis and development of HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) and their evolution, linked to the growing complexity of the systems with which they allow interaction; application to remote piloting of autonomous aircraft.

Aeronautical propulsion

Development of advanced combustion control systems in internal combustion engines; simulation of the internal ballistics of rocket engines; development of electric propulsion systems for aeronautical and space applications.

Simulation, guidance, navigation and control

Development and testing of aircraft capable of performing autonomous or semi-autonomous missions; development and numerical simulation of control laws based on non-linear techniques.


  • Design and construction of remotely piloted and autonomous aircraft
  • Development of human / machine interfaces for the control of remotely piloted aircraft
  • Development of performance control systems for internal combustion engines
  • Development of electric propulsion systems for aerospace applications


Enrico Troiani

Responsible for the Aeronautical Design operative unit

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