Mechanics of Materials

The activities are focused on the development of innovative metallic, polymeric and composite materials, starting from the chemical formulation up to the mechanical characterization of actual components. Furthermore, innovative production technologies for the structural optimization of components in the aerospace sector are developed.


Microstructural and mechanical characterization of metallic materials

Microstructure-property-process correlations of light alloys and metallurgical aspects of additive manufacturing. In particular, the fatigue and tribological behavior in relation to composition and process, including heat treatment, is studied.

Design and Technologies of composite materials

Analysis of innovative processes and technologies (Vacuum Infusion) for the production of components in composite materials; applications of optical sensors for structural health monitoring.

 Design and Prototyping of materials

Development of innovative metallic, polymeric and composite materials, starting from the chemical formulation up to the mechanical and functional characterization. Application development of nanocomposites for the improvement of the performances of aeronautical components.

New materials and technological processes

Analysis of the behavior of advanced metallic and polymeric materials used in innovative processes and technologies (Additive Manufacturing, Friction Stir Welding); development and experimental testing of particle-reinforced metal matrix composites (MMC)

Theoretical and experimental dynamic analysis of mechanical and aerospace systems

Analysis of the dynamic behavior of high performance systems in terms of operating speed, precision in the realisation of the motion law and low-noise. Experimental activity on the study of vibrations and validation of numerical models.

Design, simulation and optimization of traditional and renewable heat engineering systems

Analysis of the basic phenomena of thermal transport and energy optimization; experimental, theoretical and numerical study of heat exchange in microchannels in the presence of scale effects and thermo-hydraulic optimization.


  • Production of specimens and components in advanced composite materials
  • Production of optimized specimens and components with additive manufacturing techniques
  • Production of specimens and components in composite materials reinforced with nanoparticles
  • Static and fatigue tests for the mechanical characterization of composite and metallic materials
  • Characterization test of aging behavior and impact resistance of composite components
  • Tribological behavior assessment test
  • Vibration measurement and performance optimization of dynamic systems
  • Static and dynamic numerical simulations with advanced softwares, both implict and explicit


Giangiacomo Minak

Responsible for the Mechanics of Materials operative unit

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