CLAN is hosted within the premises of the Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoeactivity (ISOF), in the Bologna CNR Research Area. ISOF is a top-class institute for research on synthesis and the study of molecular and supramolecular species as well as advanced materials and nanomaterials, nanotechnology, and photonics.

Aerial view of the Cnr campus in Bologna. The ISOF buildings are in the bottom right side, behind the round building (central library).

View of the ISOF12 building, where CLAN is hosted. 


CLAN synthesis lab spaces.

CLAN is strategically located in the nascent Bologna Science Campus, which will house several UNIBO Departments (Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology) in new and state of the art facilities in close proximity with the CNR Institutes of the Bologna Area.

The CLAN staff belonging to the Departments of Industrial Chemistry and of Chemistry of UNIBO has direct access to infrastructures and equipment located in these facilities.