Projects managed by CIRSA

Flag Bevano

CIRSA obtained funding from the Po FEAMP 2014/2020 Costa dell'Emilia-Romagna FLAG, for the "Characterization of the river mouth of the Bevano river and identification of conservation and enhancement strategies for nursery areas by species protected and of commercial interest ". The area of interest includes the mouth of the Bevano river, a SIC / ZPS area (IT4070009) up to 300 m from the coast line.


Piloting of eco-innovative fishery supply-chains to market added-value Adriatic fish products


Adriaclim project is dedicated to supporting the development of science-based regional and local climate change adaptation plans. 


CIRSA is taking part to the INTERREG Project Italia-Croatia “CoAStal and marine waters integrated monitoring systems for ecosystems proteCtion AnD management” (CASCADE) with a partnership of 10 Italian, 6 Croatian partners and 4 associated partners; the project wants to set up an efficient and shared monitoring and modeling of coastal and marine resources in the two countries of the region, in a coherent and comparable framework.