The Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRSA) was founded on the 30th October 2000, by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Physics of the University of Bologna with Rector's decree number 28/96, and has started its activities on the 1st January 2001.

The new 2012 Bologna University Statute (Article 25) reorganizes the interdepartmental research centres.

In 2015 CIRSA was established, promoted by the 6 departments: Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics, Biological and Geological Sciences and Environmental, Industrial Engineering, Cultural Heritage.

Since 2014 the administrative headquarters of CIRSA are at the Sartori Laboratories in Ravenna.



CIRSA mainly performs higher education and research functions in the field of Environmental Sciences and Marine Biology. Its main goals are:

  1. To carry out research in the fields of Environmental Sciences and Marine Biology, providing scientific advice and services and collaborating with national and international research organizations and public institutions, as well as with the business and working world.
  2. To propose and manage training initiatives on environmental and marine issues.



  1. Director
  2. Board

The Director is designated by the Council and can be elected among the same members or among the professors serving at the University. The Director remains in office for three years and the position can be renewed consecutively only once.

The Board is composed of the Director, who presides over it and the Directors of the participating Departments or their delegates, identified among the professors and researchers in the relevant Department.