Il 17 febbraio presentiamo a enti, aziende e comunità scientifica le attività di ricerca di ARCES e le loro ricadute su industria e società, e festeggiamo il XX anniversario della nascita del centro.

Published on 25 January 2023


The Horizon-KDT project "R-PODID" coordinated by ARCES has been accepted for funding

The R-PODID project aims to increase energy efficiency and the reliability of power electronics systems using artificial intelligence deployed on embedded devices integrated into the power module.

Published on 25 January 2023


The ISOLDE project has been approved!

ISOLDE aim is to demonstrate high performance RISC-V processing systems and platforms providing an industrial-grade open-source support for their development, verification and maintenance.

Published on 25 January 2023


VAIMEE wins EU H2020 call

VAIMEE is a start-up spinoff of the University of Bologna. VAIMEE's co-founder and CEO is Luca Roffia, member of ARCES.

Published on 09 November 2022


Seminar: "Open-Source Hardware for Heterogeneous Computing"

Delivered by Prof. Luca Carloni (Columbia University, New York) Monday November 7th 2:30 PM at aula 5.6

Published on 27 October 2022


Seminar: "Nanoscale FinFET Technology for Circuit Designers"

Delivered by Dr. Alvin Loke, Fellow at NXP Semiconductors in San Diego

Published on 14 September 2022


Seminar: Free-form design of structures and materials driven by innovative topology optimization techniques

Delivered by Prof. Simona Perrotto (MOX - Modeling and Scientific Computing, Dipartimento di Matematica, Politecnico di Milano) within the series AM^2 SEMINARS.

Published on 05 September 2022


New performance levels along the life Cycle of Structural Health Monitoring Infrastructures with an integrated toolchain and a semantics based IoT platform.

Unibo PHD Program on risk analysis and health monitoring of artificial and natural structures (EIT4SEMM) plays a starring role in ARROWHEAD TOOLS, a European project funded by ECSEL Joint Undertaking

Published on 01 September 2022


A series of webinars organised within the European project PROGRESSUS (ECSEL) participated by ARCES, will be delivered online from July 19th to July 28th. No registration required.

Topic: "Highly efficient and trustworthy electronics, components and systems for the next generation energy supply infrastructure". ARCES members Aldo Romani and Marco Crescentini among the speakers.

Published on 18 July 2022


The final "Best-of" webinar of the H2020 research project ENABLES participated by ARCES will be delivered online on June 14th 2022 at 15:00 CEST. Participation is free with registration required.

The webinar will present all project achievements of the consortium and the final results of the research activities on the main topics of 'Powering the Internet-of-Things".

Published on 09 June 2022


A new microelectronic sensor for intelligent energy-consumption monitoring

Developed by the joint research laboratory of the University of Bologna and STMicroelectronics as part of the EU-funded PROGRESSUS project.

Published on 03 June 2022


Call for applications for the PhD programmes, Academic Year 2022-23

For the 38th cycle (academic year 2022-2023) ARCES will support two PhD programmes, ETIT and EIT4SEMM.

Published on 16 May 2022