VAIMEE wins EU H2020 call

VAIMEE is a start-up spinoff of the University of Bologna. VAIMEE's co-founder and CEO is Luca Roffia, member of ARCES.

Published on 09 November 2022 | News

Recently EU President Ursula von der Leyen officially declared 2023 as the "European Year of Skills" (especially digital). In this context, VAIMEE, an innovative start-up and spinoff of the University of Bologna founded in 2020, whose co-founder and CEO, Luca Roffia is a member of ARCES, wins an EU H2020 call (NGI ONTOCHAIN Open Call 3). The goal of the project is to extend My2Sec, a solution for remote work management and the detection of workers' skills, with the use of semantic blockchains, making the tracking of skills acquired within projects verifiable, provable and incorruptible. Attached is the article reported in the "Resto del Carlino" newspaper (Cesena Edition, 2022-11-09).