CIRI formally undertakes to continuously comply with the requirements set out in the Resolution
Regional reference for the achievement of Institutional Accreditation.
The policy reported below is signed by the Director and by all the members of the Executive Committee.

Ethics and Privacy Policy

CIRI undertakes to:

  1. devote a preponderant part of its human and technological resources to activities of industrial research and technology transfer, potentially aimed at the system regional entrepreneurial; this also applies to research activities initiated on a basis independent;
  2. ensure accessibility without preclusions to all external clients and not to operate in exclusive for individual clients, or groups of them;
  3. implement all the means necessary to obtain the expected results, on time reasonably corresponding to what was proposed to the clients for the research activities industrial and technological transfer made to order, the core of the activity of Structure consists of performance characterized by a personalized adaptation according to the needs of the clients;
  4. achieve the expected results with adequate levels of reliability, in times corresponding to a what has been agreed with the clients regarding the services at the rate, characterized by the application of established protocols;
  5. to employ human resources with adequate levels of technical competence and experience for guarantee the quality of the services and projects entrusted to it;
  6. provide the market with services in line with the level of quality and professionalism that it has characterize the members of the network. The Structure therefore implements all the measures necessary to maintain an adequate level of quality perceived by clients, in terms of competence, professionalism, and service quality standards;
  7. Actively encourage customers to provide feedback on their level satisfaction, and to periodically evaluate the contents, in order to obtain indications focused on how to promote the improvement of the organization and the services provided;
  8. renew and enrich its technological heritage, in order to provide its own clients and partners up-to-date skills and resources;
  9. address external users, if the structure cannot respond directly to yours need, to other subjects who can take care of it, in particular within the NETWORK and, when requested, actively collaborate with the NETWORK itself to respond synergistically with the needs of the market;
  10. keep the object, work and results of any program secret, unless receives written authorization from the client. This authorization must be inserted between the contractual clauses;
  11. not to disclose all information indicated as confidential which may come to knowledge during his contacts with the market, even if there are no contracts, whose dissemination is not subject to explicit written authorization by external users. To this purpose, it undertakes to adopt and keep up-to-date appropriate procedures for the protection of confidentiality, and to raise awareness of its staff;
  12. have each person involved in business services sign one declaration of commitment to the protection of confidentiality and the absence of conflicts of interest.