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Il CssC lancia una nuova serie di Cyber Monday. Ogni lunedì offriamo una breve e interessante lezione sulle scienze sociali computazionali e le loro applicazioni.

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Buona novella! The Computational Social Science Center è ora su Mastodon.

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Il nostro Lavoro sulla Guerra Russo-Ucraina

Il CssC si occupa dei temi contemporanei più rilevanti. Il conflitto armato tra Russia e Ucraina è stato uno dei nostri punti focali. Visitate la nostra pagina per avere un sommario delle nostre ricerche e analisi dei dati sulla guerra tra Russia e Ucraina.

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Nuova pubblicazione degli studenti di SICSS2021: la politicizzazione degli eventi sportivi nello spazio Twitter in Italia

Owing to their popularity, sports often turn into arenas for political contestation. The practice of taking the knee as a symbolic stance against racism was started in 2016 and is entrenched with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. This practice generated discussions in the Italian public opinion during Euro 2020, where the ambiguous stance of the Italian soccer team contributed to the debate. This article addresses this particular case as an example of more widespread practices of antiracist contestation (and public opinion reactions thereto) in sports, approaching Italian public opinion studies from the underexplored angle of computational social science. We collected tweets featuring the hashtag #iononmiinginocchio (and its variations) throughout the duration of Euro 2020. The language used was analysed through network analysis and toxicity analysis to observe the characteristics of the debate and the rhetoric employed. This research finds that, despite politicians’ media visibility throughout the debate, the Twitter discussion was mainly driven by common citizens. In this context, a toxic language encompassing white supremacist, homophobic, and sexist remarks was often employed with a silencing effect on a wide share of the Twitter usership.

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SICSS Bologna 2022 - People

Un fantastico gruppo di partecipanti, assistenti, insegnanti e key-speaker per la edizione del 2022 di #SicssBologna

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The Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science is a wonderful program for grad students, postdocs & junior faculty in the social & data sciences. Each of the 28 locations is a bit different so the hardest part is deciding which one to apply to. twitter.com/chris_bail/sta…
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It is now available, open access, the Handbook of Computational Social Science for Policy. I have contributed to it with a chapter on Describing Human Behaviour Through Computational Social Science. link.springer.com/book/10.1007/9…
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Brilliant start of #CyberMondays co-organized by @CsscUniBo1 @UniTrento & @uc3m and our team on #Computational #Social #Sciences with a talk by Manuel Cebrian
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enroll here to receive the zoom link: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI…
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