Duration: April 2020 – march 2023; Coordinator: Holger Schmidt (Infineon, Germany); ARCES Principal Investigator: Prof. Aldo Romani

PROGRESSUS proposes a next generation smart grid, demonstrated by the application example “smart charging infrastructure” that integrates seamlessly into the already existing concepts of smart grid architectures thus keeping all necessary investments minimal and that will facilitate the accelerated transition by tackling three key challenges. The first challenge is related to power conversion: the objectives include reduction of losses in high power converters (e.g. smart charging and e-mobility), design of novel EV high power chargers with integrated battery storage aiming at reducing the peak power drawn from the grid, and the development of ultra-fast modularised charging stations. The second challgenge involves smart and trustworthy methods for new services and operation of energy supply infrastructure, for increased acceptance by the users and speed of the deployment. The targets include energy management for smart charging infrastructure, microgrids, and high resilience towards distributed denial of service attacks. The third challenge involves innovative metering and gateway components required by the  power converters and the smart and trustworthy methods mentioned before, in particular current sensors, trusted electronic hardware elements and appliances, which support value added services.

ARCES participates to the project as third part of IU.NET consortium.