Energy ECS

Duration: June 2021 – May 2024; Coordinator: Ksenia Avetisova (TietoEVRY OY, Finland); ARCES Principal Investigator: Prof. Aldo Romani

Energy ECS will focus on the interface of energy and mobility as well as related ICT and electronics. Central for today’s society, these two sectors are facing the restructuring of technology and business value chains that enable the emergence of completely new business models and ecosystems. The project concept builds on six use cases that represent different angles of future mobility and energy; enablers of new logistics modes, energy independent intermodal transport, charging technologies and opportunities, grid stability responding to bi-directional charging, and enablers of safe autonomous driving. The technology developments respond to a long list of MASP major challenges and include e.g. battery charging electronics, grid and sensor power management, energy harvesting, real time location controls and sensors. The R&D will also apply artificial intelligence, machine learning, immersive technologies, IoT, ultra-low power technologies, advanced algorithms and software. All technologies will be designed for cyber-security and reliability.

ARCES participates to the project as third part of IU.NET consortium.


Prof. Aldo Romani

ARCES Principal Investigator

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