White Paper from the EnABLES Consortium available for download

The paper highlights the role and the impact of the project and of his research infrastructure in the field of “Powering the Internet-of-Things”

Pubblicato: 25 February 2021 | Notice

The Consortium of H2020 project EnABLES, in which UNIBO participates with ARCES, has just released a position paper on ENABLES research infrastructure.

EnABLES and partners across the EU are developing innovative ‘power IoT’ solutions by finding ways to harvest tiny ambient energies such as light, heat and vibration and converting them to electricity whilst being more efficient and clever in minimising the energy consumption of the sensors. In order to enhance the EU’s strategic advantage in this critical area and build on the momentum already created by EnABLES, a longer term, sustainable power IoT infrastructure needs to be implemented.

Download the Paper to learn more about this IoT leadership opportunity for Europe, and the EnABLES IoT innovations and recommendations that will help to create a sustainable green future.

The paper can be dowloaded in Attachments and from the project website, where further information is available.