A series of webinars organised within the European project PROGRESSUS (ECSEL) participated by ARCES, will be delivered online from July 19th to July 28th. No registration required.

Topic: "Highly efficient and trustworthy electronics, components and systems for the next generation energy supply infrastructure". ARCES members Aldo Romani and Marco Crescentini among the speakers.

Pubblicato: 18 July 2022 | Event

Webinars will be held via Teams, with an approximate duration of 1 hour.

Participation is free, just connecting to the Teams meetings indicated in the program herunder:

July 19th, 11 AM - Ing. Sebastiano Russo
"Reliability of Si and WBC Power Transistors in recent Automotive Applications"

July 22nd, 4 PM - Ing. Angelo Messina (STMicroelectronics)
"WBG semiconductors present and future of nano technologies"

July 25th, 4 PM - Prof. Marco Crescentini (ARCES, University of Bologna)
"Hall effect current sensors principles of operation and implementation techniques"

July 26th, 4 PM - Dr. Salvo Coffa (STMicroelectronics)
"Materials and devices for power electronics"

July 27th, 4 PM - Prof Salvatore Patanè (University of Messina)
"Fast thermal mapping and laser doppler vibrometry an help for novel power device design"

July 28th, 4 PM - Prof. Aldo Romani (ARCES, University of Bologna)
"An introduction to energy harvesting and micropower management for Internet of Things applications"