Our Master


Master in Promotion of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management


Addressed to:

  • Professionals working in the field of Culture (planning, organization, preservation, administration, communication, juridical aspects) in national or international contextes;
  • Recent graduated in Cultural Heritage (Beni Culturali), Literature (Lettere), Tourism Economy (Economia del turismo e Scienze Turistiche);
  • Professionals of the Tourist and Cultural supply chain and public officials (Department of Culture and Tourism), professionals working in destination management organizations;
  • Professionals working in museums, foundations and other public or private cultural entities;
  • Event planners.


 Expected results of the course

The purpose of the Master is to train professionals able to transform the cultural heritage into an opportunity for the economical growth.

The Italian cultural and natural heritage represents an important development variable, able of activating economic resources and generating employment opportunities. A well-reasoned Tourism promotion policy can contribute to self-financing schemes and to a significant revenue generation, with positive effects on the territory and its society in general.


A multidisciplinary approach 

The Master intend to create a multidisciplinary professional profile that combines the humanistic, economical and computer-related skills with some operational tools required for the promotion of Tourism and the management of Cultural Heritage thanks to the use of advanced methodologies that reflect the skills of the Center for Advanced Studies on Tourism - CAST of the Rimini Campus and the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Ravenna Campus.