Seminar on Language Technologies by Marieke van Erp (KNAW Humanities Cluster, Amsterdam)

Marieke van Erp seminar: "Why language technology can’t handle Game of Thrones (yet)"

  • Date: 08 MAY 2019  from 14:30 to 16:30

  • Event location: Aula Affreschi, Via Zamboni 34, Piano Terra

  • Type: Seminars

Marieke van Erp 
Why language technology can’t handle Game of Thrones (yet)

Natural language processing (NLP) tools are commonly used in many day-to-day applications such as Siri and Google, but the effectiveness of these technologies is not thoroughly understood. I will present joint work with colleagues from the Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam in which we perform a thorough evaluation of four different name recognition tools on 40 popular novels (including A Game of Thrones). I will highlight why literary texts are so difficult for NLP tools as well as solutions for improving their performance. 

Marieke van Erp is a researcher and team leader of the Digital Humanities Lab at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Humanities Cluster in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her research is focused on applying natural language processing in semantic web applications with a particular interest in digital humanities. She previously worked on the European NewsReader project, which was aimed at building structured indexes of events from large volumes of financial news and the CLARIAH project, a large Dutch project to develop infrastructure for humanities research.