Scholarly Digital Edition - Seminars Cycle by Desmond Schmidt

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the theory of digital scholarly editions and how to make them. The seminars is held by Desmond Schmidt, visiting professor at FICLIT.

  • Date:

    28 OCTOBER 2020
     from 9:30 to 12:30
  • Event location: Teams

  • Type: Courses

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the theory of digital scholarly editions and how to make them. The theory covers models of text, markup, and variation, with examples from Italian and English authors. The components of digital scholarly editions: images, text and contextual data are described. In keeping with the online format, presented material will be interspersed with question and answer sessions posed equally by students and the lecturer. Each lecture will be complemented by a practical component using the Ecdosis tools which students can install on their laptops to complete the exercises for each lesson. Additional material containing the lecture slides and more detailed treatments of the same subjects will be provided online.

List of contents (lessons 1-10):

1. Introduction: Why make digital scholarly editions?

2. Images: how to produce them, edit and prepare them for a DSE

3. Background or contextual data: events, genealogies, people, places

4. A non-hierarchical model of text: versions and layers

5. Comparison, alignment, collation, variant graphs

6. Markup: XML vs standoff, HTML, semantic vs formatting

7. Indexing and searching, types of documents

8. The front-end visualisations of the DSE

9. The back-end tools of the DSE: importing, exporting, editing, annotating

10. Putting it all together: building a website, project management