This page promotes events end conferences about housing in the Late Antique Mediterranean

LA VILLA DOPO LA VILLA- La villa après la villa italien

CISEM has the pleasure to inform you about this webinar organized, by the Centre d’Étude des Mondes antiques (UCLouvain) in collaboration with CNR, Istituto di Scienze del Patrimonio Culturale (ISPC, Roma), which is taking place the 15th of December 2020. Live broadcast from 9 am on HTTPS://ZOOM.US/[…]/99207718578?PWD=TUVQBWVWY1RHBTU4QMFHB1PHWKFRQT09.
In attached there are the program and the abstracts.
The webinar intends to focus on the last stages and those subsequent to events of transformation and reuse of late Antiquity villas in the regions of Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise and Lazio. The initiative is in continuity with the seminar on the theme of the "Villa after the villa in Northern Italy" organized at the Catholic University of Milan in December 2018, which gave birth to a volume published in FERVET OPVS of the UCLouvain. The meeting, which will also be held under the aegis of CISEM (Interuniversity Center for Studies on Late Antique Housing in the Mediterranean,, watns to present and discuss the status quaestionis on the knowledge of late antique villas (4th-7th century AD) in the aforementioned regions with proposals ranging from single case studies to synthetic visions, to verify the "hold" of codified interpretative models about the phenomenon of living per villas in Late Antiquity.

"La villa e le sue risorse naturali fra Tarda Antichità ed Età Moderna"

We have the pleasure to inform you about this interesting Webinar, "La villa e le sue risorse naturali fra Tarda Antichità ed Età Moderna".
The Conversation, included among the activities organized in the
Réseau _ERA_ _Ecologia Roma Antica - Écologie Rome Ancienne_, directed by
Ida Gilda Mastrorosa (Università di Firenze) and Élisabeth Gavoille (Université di Tours), is taking place on October 23rd on WEBNEX and it will be avaible using the informations written on the brochure of the program.
In attached you could find the program.


We have the pleasure to inform you about this interesting event, which will take place at the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma-CSIC, via di S. Eufemia 13 00187 Rome (Sala dei Seminari)


On the 3rd of December, from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., at the Architecture Department (location of Valle Giulia) of La Sapienza University of Rome is going to take place a day of conferences about the Roman housing.
R. Volpe, F. Benfante, R. Hidalgo Prieto, F. Cantini will attend.