The Scientific Committee of CISEM (Inter-University Centre for Studies on Late Antique Housing in the Mediterranean) invites you to submit proposals for the 4th CISEM International Congress "Living in Late Antique Mediterranean", that will be held in Cuenca (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, España) on November 7th-9th 2022.

The Congress will last three days with sessions dedicated to the presentation and the discussion of general topics regarding Late Antique Housing in the Mediterranean, with special insights on particular contexts.

The works will be in presence. If the pandemic situation do not allow it, the Congress will be online.

A visit to Segóbriga is planned on November 6 th, and a visit to the Roman mausoleum of Llanes, Ercávica and to the villa of Noheda on November 10 th (launch for a fee).

We invite you to submit (within March 31s) a synthesis of your proposal in the form of an oral paper or a poster. The papers should be about general and cross-cutting topics (see the PDF below), while the posters should be specifically dedicated to the presentation of ongoing research projects or updates on particular sites. Only original and unpublished works will be considered.

Organising Committee Isabella Baldini, Carla Sfameni, Miguel Angel Valero Tévar

Scientific Committee Isabella Baldini, Paolo Barresi, Julia Beltrán d'Heredia Bercero, Marco Cavalieri, Alexandra Chavarrìa Arnau, Roberta Giuliani, Rafael Hidalgo Prieto, Josep Maria Macias Solé, Patrizio Pensabene, Carla Sfameni, Giuliano Volpe.

Organising Secretary Helena Gozalbes, Marina Pizzi, Giulia Torrini disci.cisem@unibo.it