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Founded by Patrizia Violi in 2009, TraMe has always been characterised by an intense scientific activity on the topic of memory, with a particular attention to cultural memory, studied both through both a semiotic and interdisciplinary approach, fostering a dialogue between Memory Studies and Semiotics, Philosophy, History, Anthropology and Cognitive Sciences

The Center is part of a large international network and has been awarded funding for projects from EU and other bodies. Since its foundation, it has organised several conferences, seminars, workshops and fostered publications of volumes, scientific articles and essays.

Memory is explored both in its systemic dimension, through the study of practices of codification, transmission, preservation (and eventually construction) of the past, and in its processual dimension, through the analysis of representation, communication and transmission of memory expressed by different forms of textuality and materiality.

TraMe's research addresses all the languages of individual and collective memory in a trans-disciplinary perspective, aiming at proposing a re-framing and re-processing (from a semiotic angle) of the key themes debated in the field of Memory Studies.

Cultural Heritage, with its process of construction and valorization, represents one of the key topic investigated by the Center, seen in its relation with the processes of auto-representation and construction of collective identity (and otherness), with cultures and aesthetics of remembering and with the dynamics of negotiation and meaning attribution that animate them.

Another key field is constituted by the semio-communicative analysis of textes, spaces, genres and representation practices of individual an collective memory in conflict and post-conflict situations, characterised by political violence and cultural traumas. TraMe studies representations, practices and places in (and through) which collective traumas are coped with and reprocesses.

Director: Francesco Mazzucchelli

Scientific Advisor: Patrizia Violi

Board: Cristina Demaria, Anna Maria Lorusso, Francesco Mazzucchelli, Claudio Paolucci, Patrizia Violi

Scientific secretary: Mario Panico

Members: Alessandra Bonazzi, Patrizia Di Luca (Università di San Marino), Roberta Lorenzetti, Federico Montanari (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Rita Monticelli, Marco Solaroli, Daniele Salerno (University of Utrecht), Lucio Spaziante, Roberto Vecchi

International Advisory Board: to be defined

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Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies, Via Azzo Gardino 23 - Bologna, Italy


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