Some recent activities of TraMe's member.

Presence of the Pasts

Videos, images and other materials from the workshop (CUE, TLU, TRAME)

The Body of Memory - Preserving, Sharing, Erasing

A conference by Fondazione Mondadori, Trame, Ibridamente - March 15, Triennale, Milan

GuestLecture by F.Mazzucchelli at Campus Gotland, Uppsala University

Guest Lecture of Visiting SuHFR Fellow Francesco Mazzucchelli
Title of the Lecture: "Nuclear legacies. Should we turn radioactive waste into heritage?"

TraMe goes to LOTMAN 100

A panel by TraMe hosted by the International congress celebrating Juri Lotman’s 100th anniversary in 2022 (25th-28th February 2022).

27th February 9-11 ONLINE SESSION 6 H6 (Room: Kullamaa – 206g)
Dialectics of Conflict. Four Mechanisms of Cultures (Chair: Anna Maria Lorusso): Anna Maria Lorusso (on-site) At different speeds: conflicts and domestications within cultures. The case of Hollywood and Walt Disney; Francesco Mazzucchelli Banned from the semiosphere. “Cancel culture” and its semiotic mechanisms; Patrizia Violi and Cristina Demaria Explosion vs erosion: dynamics of post-dictatorship memories in Chile and Spain; Mario Panico Recollecting conflict: family, legacy and new centralities of memory

UNA Europa PhD Workshop on Dissonant Heritage

Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie
16-20 November 2021
Dissonant Heritage: Concepts, Critiques, Cases