Visiting scholar

Joining K&C centre as a visiting scholar

The K&C Centre welcomes short-term visiting scholars interested to have interdisciplinary exchanges on the Centre topics, as well as participate and contribute to the Centre’s activities. While the K&C Centre is not able to act as a partner organization and a host, its members are happy to consider visiting applications on individual basis, acting as supervisors or reference contacts, and introduce the applicants to the people and initiatives of the K&C community.


We offer 

  • The possibility to join the research activities (seminars, master classes, lectures, …) of the Department where the K&C Centre is hosted.
  • The possibility to communicate your own research to the members of the K&C Centre and receive feedback on your work in dialogue with different approaches.



The application will be evaluated by the member(s) contacted in consultation with the K&C board, according to criteria of relevance with the mission and research topics of the Centre, the profile and track record of the applicant, the capacity for the Department to have visitors in the period proposed and the ability of the members to act as reference contacts or supervisors. Further criteria involve the commitment by the applicants to present their research and research results in at least one seminar and/or one guest lecture, and/or the commitment to prepare (preferably) a joint project application, such as a Marie Curie application, with one or more K&C members as supervisors, or a joint publication.


How to apply

If you wish to join the K&C Center as a visiting researcher or student, please submit to a K&C member of your choice an application by email with:

  • A motivation letter (of 800 words max) describing your profile, interests and affiliation; what you expect to achieve from the K&C centre; how you would like to contribute; when you intend to visit; how long you want to stay (one to three months, between autumn and summer, except for July and August) and with whom you wish to collaborate.
  • The work plan and the related activities.
  • Your CV


The application should be submitted to members at least three months before the intended visiting period, and have the addresses of director and vice-director in cc.

For questions about the profile and requirements, please contact with in cc.