The research center Knowledge & Cognition (K&C), promoted by the FILCOM Department's project of strategic development (https://dfc.unibo.it/en/research/research-projects/pssd), was founded aiming at establishing a space to develop interdisciplinary researches.

Starting from the heterogeneous composition of the FILCOM Department, the research center K&C intends to be an opportunity for meeting, training and cultural and scientific debate between scholars who, from the field of human and historical-philosophical sciences, cognitive sciences, disciplines of communication and social sciences, intend to build a dialogue on the emerging forms of knowledge and cognition.

The research center K&C aims to promote interdisciplinary research activities for discussion and thematic study on national and international projects, as well as to deepen and introduce, by strengthening convergence and cooperation between various disciplines, new research perspectives that can foster/support the activities as regard internationalization, third mission and higher education.


Lastly, the research center K&C works: 

(i) to establish long-term European relationships, acting as an incubator for Horizon projects, such as ERC, ERC Synergy and Marie Curie;
(ii) to encourage an exchange between universities, professions and the productive world;
(iii) to spread the scientific production of existing or already concluded interdisciplinary projects;
(iv) promoting initiatives related to shared and interdisciplinary research.