The Center

The Center for Chemical Catalysis “C3 has been launched in 2021 by scientists of Chemistry Department “Giacomo Ciamician” and Industrial Chemistry Department “Toso Montanari” of Alma Mater Studiorum - Università of Bologna.

Currently, the roster of the C3 counts more than 100 chemists, among senior and junior researchers, with interdisciplinary expertise covering many aspects of the chemical science. 

In the C3 the complementary skills of two Chemistry Departments will be synergistically combined to tackle the ongoing challenges for a sustainable future


The Center for Chemical Catalysis aims to become a national and international "hub" for the development and investigation of chemical catalytic processes.

The main objectives of C3 are:

  • to promote the creation of profitable scientific networks comprising academic as well as industrial partners;
  • to consolidate technology transfer from Academia to chemical Industry;
  • to pursue high educational trainings of early-stage chemists in the field of chemical catalysis;
  • to foster scientific dissemination and public engagement.