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Green Chemistry Laboratory for Environmental Sciences

Nowadays the need for safer substitutes and alternatives to our current chemicals is a priority. Designing and synthesizing new chemicals following the Principles of Green Chemistry, taking in mind the risk for humans and the environment, will lead to fundamental knowledge in the design of next-generation green sustainable products.

The group carries out research in organic chemistry in the Green Chemistry field context aiming at safeguarding of environment and sustainability. The activities are highly interdisciplinary and projects involve collaboration with other disciplines of chemistry but also with biology , algology and ecotoxicology groups. The main topics of research are:

  1. use of renewable resources for the development of new materials, fuels and fine chemicals;
  2. development of new methods for the extraction of high value-added compounds from algal and terrestrial biomass through the use of alternative solvents;
  3. low environmental impact asymmetric catalysis reactions;
  4. evaluation of (eco) - toxicity and environmental impact of chemical compounds;
  5. determination of the effects of chemical compounds on models of cell membranes through biophysical methods;
  6. study of the organic component of the environmental aerosol and its effects on climate and air quality.


Emilio Tagliavini
Paola Galletti
Chiara Samorì


Emilio Tagliavini

Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician" - CHIM

Via Selmi 2, Bologna

+39 051 20 9 9526

+39 051 20 9 9456

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