The teaching innovation model of the University of Bologna is based on research activities inspired by the Formative Educational Evaluation model with specific Degree Programmes that can participate in activities such as systematic data collection and analysis, collective discussions, identification of teachers’ training needs, experimentation with teaching innovations, and the implementation of resulting training activities that are useful for redesigning teaching in the future.

When applied to the Degree Programmes for Teaching Innovation, the Formative Educational Evaluation approach includes three phases:

  • collecting and analysing data: a session during which different types of information are collected, through valid indicators and rigorous procedures, in order to study the context and processes currently underway;
  • data return and resulting identification of university teachers’ training needs: a session focusing on sharing, self-evaluation and reflection for the players involved;
  • formulating proposals for redesigning and improving teaching: an operational decision-making session whereby players in a university context collectively propose possible actions and directions for change.


Degree Programmes involved: Economics and Finance, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine and Offshore Engineering.