Teaching innovation at the University of Bologna: a model centred around students

The teaching model used by the University of Bologna focuses on three areas or priorities: students, teachers, and organisation. The three areas are interconnected and each area’s projects contaminate and fuel the others, creating the conditions for innovative teaching and learning systems that become constant practices, in name of the continuous improvement in the quality of the programme catalogue.

Focus on students

Students are the focus of Unibo teaching and learning projects and are the main players in learning processes. Students are not seen as users, but as people who build and co-build their own curriculum of studies and learning.

Learning is not limited to the disciplines covered by the degree programme, but also involves acquiring strategic and transversal competencies and knowledge that is of crucial importance for developing one’s potential and the resources to build future career opportunities.

Teachers for teaching innovation

Academic staff are seen as guides, facilitators of learning processes who support students in acquiring disciplinary knowledge and strategic skills.

Academic staff (and the academic staff community within the Degree Programmes) play a key role in teaching renewal and are privileged observers of teaching and learning contexts.

Organisation for teaching innovation

Unibo as an organisation that learns and, to support innovative teaching and learning processes centred around students and academic staff, promotes innovation also in terms of infrastructures, process management, and system planning; all by creating an organisation able to define and coordinate the system in its entirety.