Transferable skills

The University of Bologna offers courses on transferable skills for students enrolled in any degree programme of the university, which are aimed at strengthening competences that are considered crucial for entering the world of work.

Transferable skills are “general, broad-spectrum skills related to thought processes and cognitive processes, modes of behaviour in social and work contexts, methods and ability to reflect and use learning strategies and strategies for self-correcting behaviour. These skills characterise the way in which personal work experiences are structured and managed, and progressively become more specific through on-the-job learning and through the individual’s work history.”

The European Union has recently updated the list of transferable skills for personal fulfilment and development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employability. The Reference Framework sets out eight key competences:

  • Literacy competence,
  • Multilingual competence,
  • Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology and engineering,
  • Digital competence,
  • Personal, social and learning to learn competence,
  • Citizenship competence,
  • Entrepreneurship competence,
  • Cultural awareness and expression competence.

Therefore, transferable skills affect cognitive, executive, managerial, relational and communication areas, thus integrating disciplinary knowledge and allowing individuals to acquire basic life and work skills.