Working papers

Working Paper n. 1 - Mario Zamponi, Disciplining Nature. Land, Environment and Political Coercion in Colonial Southern Africa.

Working Paper n. 2 - Roberta Pellizzoli, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Women's Access to Land and Water in Chókwè Irrigation Scheme

Working Paper n. 3 - Mario Zamponi, Governação da Terra, Direitos de Cidadania e Políticas de Desenvolvimento Rural na África Austral.

Working Paper n. 4 - Mario Zamponi, Le sfide dell'AIDS: agricoltura e comunità rurali in Africa australe.

Working Paper n. 5 - Mario Zamponi, Farewell to the Third World? Farewell to the Peasantry? Primitive Accumulation and the Rural World in the Contemporary Development Discourse.

Working Paper n. 6 - Roberta Pellizzoli, Women’s Empowerment and Community-based Health Care Systems for the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa: Review and Discussion of Key Policy Documents.

Working Paper n. 7 - Mario Zamponi, La sicurezza in Africa: contesto globale e Unione Africana.