The lines of research developed by almæsthetics can be categorized into two main areas.

One of these concerns the critical analysis of some of the most relevant perspectives of the aesthetic-philosophical tradition, such as dialectical thought, critical-hermeneutical thought, phenomenology, critical theory, pragmatism, philosophical anthropology. The other area concerns the investigation of contemporary transformations taking place in relation to artistic-literary languages, phenomena of widespread aestheticity and philosophical research in the context of the most up-to-date theories of culture and mind.



Analysis of modern and contemporary tradition:

- aesthetic thought between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

- the end of art between Hegel and contemporary aesthetics

- art and beauty starting from Nietzsche's thought

- aesthetics as a material analytics (pragmatism, phenomenology, critical theory)

- aesthetics and practical philosophy

- aesthetics between anthropology, cognitive and social sciences


Current problems of aesthetics:

- aesthetic experience according to the new models of mind theory

- myth and language in the aesthetic-anthropological perspective

- philosophy of tragedy and tragic thought

- relationships between philosophy and literature

- cinema, popular music and other current forms of artistic experience

- aesthetics and design culture (city, design, fashion)

- phenomena of widespread aestheticity in the digital age

- philosophy of landscape and nature