The University of Bologna has an active role and a strong interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence since many years. This activity regards also the First and the Second cycle courses offered at the university. Below are some of these courses and PhD programmes.

International Second cycle degree in Automation Engineering

The Master’s Degree in Automation Engineering is entirely taught in English and provides students with interdisciplinary skills at the intersection of Automatic Machines, Autonomous Systems, Robotics, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, based on a multidisciplinary training from Control and Systems Theory, Optimization, Distributed Computing, Mechanics, Computer Vision, Real-time Software and Artificial Intelligence.

International Second cycle degree in Artificial Intelligence

The Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence provides a solid expertise in the founding areas and the innovative applications of AI. The program adopts a broad and interdisciplinary approach, which addresses a variety of topics in the field, such as Machine Learning, Automated Reasoning, Machine vision systems, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Optimization and Decision-support systems, and new perspectives in Cognitive neuroscience and in Ethical and Social issues.

Curriculum Electronic technologies for Big-Data and Internet of Things - Master's degree in Elctronic Engineering

This Curriculum in English trains professionals with a solid basic preparation, able to work within all the disciplines of Information Technology, which are based on electronic systems, such as Telecommunications, Automation, Computer Science, and Bioengineering.

Master in IT Law and Legal Informatics 

This master aims at providing students knowledge and analytic skils within the legal informatics sector and Information Technology law. The Master is offered by the CIRSFID – ALMA AI - Università di Bologna, in collaboration with the Department of Legal Studies of University of Bologna, the EULISP (European Legal Informatics Study Programme), the Fondazione Alma Mater (Alma Mater Foundation) with the patronage of the "Società Italiana di Informatica Giuridica" (Italian Society of Legal Informatics).

Professional Master in Management of Digital Technologies: AI (with Bologna Business School)

This Master's degree with a major on Artificial Intelligence provides Management tools and techniques in addition to a specific know-how of the sector. These are fundamental skills to manage the business opportunities related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that have revolutionized the production and organizational dynamics of companies.

PhD in Data Science and Computation

This PhD programme is designed to provide a cultural context aimed at the training of experts who are able both to carry out research activities in the university and in the industry, as well as to work in the management areas of the broad context of Data Science.

PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

This programme provides a wide-ranging preparation on both scientific and engineering aspects of Computer Science.

PhD in Law, Science and Technology (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN EJD grant agreement No 814177)

The international doctoral program offers interdisciplinary training that allows candidates to carry out cutting-edge research in an integrated way, by combining ethical, legal and technological aspects altogether. The PhD program allows to acquire joint and double degrees through co-supervision.