The CIAPh, at the Department of Classical and Italian Studies (FICLIT) of the University of Bologna, offers students the opportunity to carry out a curricular internship in the editorial board.

By examining and indexing periodicals, miscellanies and monographs relating to classical studies, trainees will take part in all the activities of the team, which works at the publication of a scientific and systematic bibliography in print and electronic form.By doing so, trainees will be able to deepen their knowledge of the main bibliographic repertoire on classical antiquity.

At the end of the internship, the student will have:


- acquired editorial and computer skills, which are necessary for the use of a relational database such as the one used for insertion and publication of the bibliographic contents of the Année Philologique;

- gained the ability to work as a member of an international team;

- consolidated and refined their ability to read and understand scholarly publications written in the main modern languages, to focus the elements of originality contained in them, and to write synthetic and exhaustive abstracts using the technical language of the field.

- made wide-ranging readings that will keep them updated on the most recent results and trends in the field of research on classical antiquity, which will help them make a more aware choice regarding the topic of their dissertation.