The BoTPT centre carries out the following training activities, both theoretical and practical, for students and personnel employed in welfare and health services.

Training internships

Internships are held within the Malpighi Hospital, at the Psychiatric Center for Diagnosis and Care (DSM-DP) managed by the Local Health Authority of Bologna (AUSL). A specific training is offered to psychiatric specialists, to students of medicine and psychology and to students from other health degrees. The internship aims to sensitize students to the peculiar problems of migrants and minorities and to offer tools for better taking charge of them. The training activity is realized in accordance with the regulations of the AUSL and of the University of Bologna and with the administrative support of the competent offices. Furthermore, it is carried out following the guidelines on medical and specialist training.

Academic courses

The skills related to the mental health problems of migrants and minorities developed at the BoTPT are valorised within the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery and the Postgraduate School of Psychiatry. The integrative teaching course “Cultural competence in the doctor-patient relationship” is active for medical and surgical students.

Professional training for personnel employed in welfare and health services

The BoTPT centre periodically organizes training sessions within the DSM-DP of the Local Health Authority of Bologna and publicly, for other public and private bodies. For the same purpose, it offers its courses to all health personnel of the Mental Health Department of the AUSL of Bologna.