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About us

Mission, brief history and general information.

The Alma Mater Research Center on Applied Mathematics is a research center of the Department of Mathematics.

It aims to encourage, support and promote the applications of Mathematics to all fields of knowledge.

Nowadays, Applied Mathematics plays a fundamental role in our daily life (GPS, digital photos and music, google, CAT scan, financial models, epidemiological studies are only some examples), but it is also an essential tool for advanced studies in physics, engineering, economy, biology, archaeology, humane letters, music.

The Center will  facilitate the collaboration between research groups of different fields from Italy and other countries and will  publicise and diffuse the results.

AM2 is continuing the tradition of CIRAM, the inter-departmental Research Center of Applied Mathematics, that was founded in Bologna in 1989 and ceased in 2013.

The present scientific coordinator of the Center is Prof. Tommaso Ruggeri.