Progetto finlandese OIVALLUS e il Sistema educativo finlandese

During the past three years, the Oivallus project has been getting to grips with the competence needs of businesses and the way in which they should be developed. The project's working hypothesis is that in the 2020s business life will be even more networked than it is now. The project has seeked answers to the following questions: what kind of competencies will be required for work that is done in networks? What will the future professionals be like? How will competences arise and develop? What kind of education will prepare people for work in the 2020s? The objective is to deliver a message from businesses to education policymakers concerning competence needs and education for the future. Two interim reports have summed up the views on the future of work. This final report focuses on learning and education including how the skills and the knowledge that are needed in the future might be developed and what kind of education will prepare people for the kind of work life envisioned. The final report sums up the results of the three year anticipating project and brings out views on education that prepares for future work life.


Giulia Di Taranto

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