• The General Governance structure of the DCC-CR

The DCC-CR has the following governance structure

  • the DCC-CR Personnel, which is composed of the Director and 5 staff members;
  • a Programme Committee, which is composed of representatives of the Emilia-Romagna region, UNIBO, and Community of Practice (COP) 8 Programs/Projects, and whose role is to draft annual work plans and reports on activities of the COP8 Actions, and advise the Director and Senior Programme Specialist;
  • an International Advisory Board, which advises the Director and approves the annual work plan.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee (PC) is responsible for providing direct advice and support to the DCC-CR Director and the Chief Scientist on matters related to:

(i) The preparation of the DCC-CR Annual Plan draft for development and implementation of actions related to the DCC-CR activities, to be approved annually by the International Advisory Board;

(ii) The reporting of the activities of the UN decade Actions (Programmes and Projects) related to COP8 (Community of Practice 8 of the Ocean Decade) and the drafting of an Annual report of the DCC activities with the assistance of the Centre’s personnel;

(iii) The regular reviews to be undertaken subject to decision by the DCU, during the implementation phase, including review of the scientific objectives and orientations of the Implementation Plan, annual progress reports, and the mid-term and final reviews, and make recommendations on the results of such reviews, as requested;

(iv) In accordance with the Decade Coordination Unit, on the scope of Calls for Actions under the Decade to support the mobilization of proponents worldwide;

(v) Support the review of new Projects submitted to the calls for actions with the support of the Centre’s personnel;

(vi) The promotion of integrated initiatives that involve other public or private external subjects.