Cyber Monday

What is it? We think of the “CSSC-BL-C2S2 Cyber Mondays” as a teaser series, that is very short talks, in a convenient time of the day/week (hopefully not overlapping too much with classes and work) to tease students into investing in learning/applying the approaches of computational social sciences to their present and future research.

Who? In order to be eligible, you just need to be a student/PhD/postdoc at UNIBO, UNIMI or UNITN and have an institutional email address.

When & Where? Mondays (of course), from 2.15 to 3 PM – on ZOOM (see detailed instructions below).

What? How long? Overall, each meeting will last approximately 40 minutes: 20/30 minutes will be devoted to presenting the topic, 10/20 minutes to a quick Q&A session. Of course, you can always bother our speakers with further questions via email or ad-hoc meetings in the following weeks, months, years, centuries.

What do I need to do to participate? Just enrol here, download zoom on your device, have a look at your email: you will receive the link to the talk (a few times) before each of the talks.

For more information please see the file attached