Self-study assisted by a tutor

  • What it is

    An online pathway to prepare for the ‘idoneità’ with a tutor

  • Who it’s for

    For all the students enrolled in courses in Bologna and Romagna

  • What it’s for

    To prepare for the ‘idoneità’

  • When

    From September to July

Consult the schedule for days and times:

The schedule for self-study assisted by a tutor

Self-study assisted by a tutor

Students can access the self-study material available online as well as make use of the support and assistance offered by the Centre’s qualified tutors on TEAMS.
The service of self-study assisted by a tutor is only available remotely.

Instructions for students

When you connect, write a message in the chat with your name and surname, the time you arrived, the name of your degree and your university email (e.g. John Smith, 09:30, Scienze della Formazione,
The tutor will reply and create a private chat for each student where the student will move to in order to receive assistance (via private chat or videocall)
NB: if the tutor appears to be “on a call” (i.e. there’s a red dot beside their icon), it means that the tutor is helping another student. In this case you are kindly requested to wait your turn.
As soon as the tutor becomes free, they will respond to your message.


Self-study assisted by a tutor - CLA

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