Foreign languages with enrolment fees

  • What it is

    Foreign languages with enrolment fees

  • Who it’s for


  • What it’s for

    To learn and improve in a foreign language

  • When

    Each semester

  • Length of a course: 50 hours, two 2-hour lessons per week for 13 weeks altogether
  • Number of participants: maximum 22 people
  • Native teachers
  • Compulsory attendance of at least 70% of the total hours

Passing the final test will give you the right to a certificate of attendance with a level and the chance to enrol directly in the next one.


To enrol you need to have your UNIBO credentials which you can create on StudentiOnline.

You are not enrolled in the course until you have paid the fee. Once the maximum number of participants have enrolled, registration will be closed.

If, on the other hand, the minimum number of participants is not reached, the course will not run and the enrolment fees will be reimbursed.


  • Total beginners cannot enrol directly in courses for beginners. There are no beginners’ courses for for English.
  • If you have already started to study a language, you must take a placement test to check your level. The placement test for all languages must be booked online and this requires your UNIBO credentials. The placement test will remain valid for enrolment the following semester.
  • If you have already passed the end of course test of a CLA course, you can enrol directly in the level immediately above the one you completed the following semester. You need to enrol online and this requires your UNIBO credentials.


Before you enrol, you need to take the free online test to find out which course (level) you should sign up for.


€210.00 for:

  • Students enrolled at UNIBO
  • New UNIBO graduates (within 24 months of your graduation date)
  • UNIBO PhD students
  • Students enrolled in Professional Masters , Specialisation Schools or Post-graduate Vocational Training Programmes
  • Exchange students
  • Permanent and temporary UNIBO Administrative Staff
  • Tenured UNIBO Teaching Staff
  • Temporary UNIBO Researchers (if enrolled by the contract deadline)
  • UNIBO Research Fellows
  • Temporary UNIBO Language Trainers

€320.00 for:

  • UNIBO Students who graduated more than 24 months ago
  • External users 


€150.00 for:

  • Anyone who enrols in a second course in the same academic year
  • Students who are exempt from UNIBO fees


Full academic recognition of foreign qualifications 

Language level certifications obtained by doing CLA courses  can be recognised for your study plan if the level is the same or higher than the one requested.

Teacher’s Card

We regret to inform you that it is not possible to pay for CLA language courses with your Teacher’s Card.


Student administration office - CLA

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DELF desk

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Ms Castellarin receives students by appointment via email. The service is reserved for students enrolled on CLA courses.