Blended Course – Bologna

  • What it is

    Face-to-face lessons complemented with online resources

  • Who it’s for

    Students enrolled in courses on the Bologna campus

  • What it’s for

    To prepare students for the language level tests (idoneità)

  • When

    Once each semester: 24 hours divided into 9/10 weekly lessons

Consult the timeline to find out when you can enrol and when lessons begin

Consult the course schedules for lesson times

Our blended courses are recommended but not mandatory and aim primarily to prepare students for the language level tests (A2, B1 & B2).
Each course has a maximum duration of 24 hours which are split into 9/10 two-hour long lessons once a week with a native teacher. Each course runs for one semester and lessons begin for all languages and levels in September/October and February/March of each academic year.


If you are a new student:

To get a place on the course, you must take a placement test. This test must be booked at the beginning of the semester within the given deadlines. After taking the placement test you must then enroll on the course. 

If you have already attended a blended course:

Students who attended/completed a blended course in the previous semester can enrol directly on a higher-level course without having to take the placement test again. Enrolment is to be completed at the beginning of each semester within the given deadlines. It is important to have completed the end of course exercises before enrolling in another course at a higher level.

Uncertified absence during the first lessons may cause you to lose your place on the course so as to free up places for students on the waiting list.


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