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Environmental Management Research Group (EMRG)

The mission of the Environmental Management Research Group is to connect scientific research and the operational needs of companies and public institutions that are facing practical problems.

The EMRG group operates through three units:


Sustainability, Compliance and Risk integrated management (SCR)

This project area offers R&D and services about governance, risk and compliance (GRC), certified environmental management systems (EMS), environmental footprint (product and organization), sustainability assessment and evaluation of environmental radioprotection.

System and Management solutions for the bio-economy (BIOREFER)

This project area provides system and management solutions for the bio-economy and the green economy.

Thermochemical treatment of biomasses and development of bio-char utilization routes (TCHAR)

This project area develops solutions for product innovation through the application of the Thermo Catalytic Reforming (TCR) technology developed by Fraunhofer UMSICHT and the application of new materials such as biochar from pyrolysis.



Contin Andrea
Serena Righi
Diego Marazza
Stefano Macrelli
Lucio Quadrani
Filippo Baioli
Enrico Balugani
Luciano Vogli
Nicolas Greggio
Roberto Porcelli (PhD student)
Carlotta Carlini (PhD student)


Andrea Contin


Via S. Alberto 163, 48121 Ravenna

+39 0544 937333

+39 0544 937411

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