Training for new recruits

Off the beaten track: training for UNIBO new recruits

The project is addressed to Researchers, Type B Researchers and Professors from other Universities. 

The aim of the initiative is to help professionals integrate into Unibo in order to foster better integration and involvement in the University’s organisational life and contribute to improving teaching quality. As an added value, the project is aimed at fostering the alignment of mutual expectations between the organisation and the person, also by generating virtuous behaviours of “organisational citizenship” and encouraging the creation of an interdisciplinary network. In particular, the residential course aims to promote knowledge:

  • of the elements characterising the University’s vision and mission;
  • of the main legal and regulatory sources governing the activities of Unibo;
  • of the organisational structures and services available in professional life at Unibo;
  • of research services and of the system for quality teaching